Publish your creative work!

Here is an opportunity to have your creative work published. From the Brainchild website:


Brainchild is the premier literary and arts magazine for undergraduate honors students in the United States. Representing the Mid-East Honors Association (MEHA), Brainchild accepts the work of students in honors colleges and programs from Illinois to Pennsylvania, and from Michigan to Virginia. Though it represents MEHA, Brainchild is continuing to branch out to other areas of the United States to achieve its goal of becoming the number one undergraduate-only literary and arts magazine in the country.

Brainchild‘s chief focus is its content and design. In terms of prose, we publish fiction, creative nonfiction and essays. In terms of art, we publish both fine art and photography.

Check out their website here. Submissions are accepted until January.


Meeting Reminder

coffee-and-doughnut-mdThere will be an open meeting for all students in The Honors Program tomorrow, Thursday October 22 at 4pm. This is your opportunity to provide input to help shape this year of the Program. There are also leadership positions available for those interested, and some time for Q&A about the program. And, of course, donuts and coffee. Hope to see you there!