Students Being Awesome

Congratulations are in order for three Honors Students who have received recognition for their good work! Andrew Kennedy has an upcoming publication, and Rebekah Thompson and James Fleshman recently presented their research at an academic conference.

Their stories were publicized by Judson News and Events:

image004Judson Senior Will Publish in a Scientific Journal

Judson Senior Pre-med student Andrew Kennedy will be a published scientific writer before graduation this spring. His paper titled “Angelman Syndrome: An Autism Spectrum Disorder” was accepted for publication in the April issue of the Journal of Student Research, a peer-reviewed publication. The paper focuses on the genetic disorder Angelman Syndrome, its underlying causes and the debate over its title as an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Angelman Syndrome is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired speech, uncontrollable laughter and the possible loss of total control over motor functions.

The paper was a project in Andrew’s Honors Genetic Analysis course during his sophomore year. Dr. Jeffrey Henderson, chair of the Department of Science and Mathematics, edited and submitted his paper to the Journal.

“I initially came to Judson for the caring community, to have a strong relationship with my professors, and to have the chance to pursue projects and academic excellence in a way that is not often afforded at the undergraduate level. Over my time at Judson, I have been able to achieve each aspect of these initial goals. My paper on Angelman Syndrome is a perfect example of this. I have been able to work closely with Dr. Henderson to pursue academic excellence while being surrounded by those who cared about who I am within the Judson community,” said Andrew. “Though the Judson Science and Math Program is not the largest program on campus, the Pre-Medical journey a student can go on while at Judson cannot be matched. From the personal attention, opportunities to achieve academic excellence, and a perspective and dialogue on issues in the world rooted in the church, the Judson Science and Math Program has set me up for success no matter where my journey takes me.”


Image 2-28-18 at 10.18 AM

Honors Students Present at the Midwest Region Society of Biblical Literature

Congratulations to two Judson Honors students who presented papers at the Student Religious Studies Conference hosted by the Midwest Region Society of Biblical Literature, at Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Ind.

Intercultural Leadership majors James Fleshman and Rebekah Thompson presented their papers titled “Romans 8:18-39 and the Role of the Spirit in Sonship” and “1 John 4:7-21,” respectively. 

 “Presenting at the Student Religious Studies Conference in Indiana was a great privilege and honor for me. After completing my exegetical work on Romans 8:18-39 last semester, Dr. Eric Mason asked me if I would be interested in presenting the paper at the conference, to which I happily obliged! At the conference, I was given the opportunity not only to read and present my paper, but I was also able to meet other students who are interested in biblical studies and exegetical research. It was a wonderful educational experience for me as I was able to apply classroom knowledge to the ‘real world’ of academia. I’m very thankful that Judson provides opportunities like this for students, and would encourage anyone else who has the chance to present to take the opportunity,” said James Fleshman. 

The conference included papers from students at the undergraduate level through the Ph.D. level, and Judson is the only school that has had students present papers every year since the inception of the conference in 2007.


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