What’s Next for Honors Program Grads


image003Here is a great write-up of Honors graduate Rosalie Mahler (2018) and her plans for next year. Congrats Rosalie!

New Graduate to Teach and Join Unique Mentoring Program

When she was in high school, Rosalie Mahler visited Judson on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and the energy through the gospel choir reflected the excitement and enthusiasm she was looking for in a school. Since that day, Rosalie has been part of Judson’s Education program, studying to earn a degree in Elementary Education with endorsements in ESL and LBS1.

Rosalie says her professors were easy to get to know. “At Judson, especially in the Education program, the professors care a lot about their students. One of my professors invites her classes over to her house for dinner. I even went on a mission trip to Belize with one of my professors and with the President of Judson,” she said.

She also has seized many other opportunities to get involved. “I feel I experienced so many opportunities at Judson, from being an RA for two years, being a member of the Poms team, Chapel Dance, Show Choir, the Honors Program, and the vice president of Kappa Delta Pi. I am so thankful for every opportunity I was given and seized at Judson.”

During Rosalie’s junior year, the Center for Urban Teaching (CfUT) gave a presentation in her methods classes about opportunities to teach summer school in Milwaukee. Rosalie was thrilled to find out about an opportunity where she could get invaluable experience managing a classroom and being the lead teacher even before student teaching!

“The summer after my junior year, I taught summer school with CfUT.  At the end of the summer, I was nominated to be a Program Graduate,” said Rosalie. “When agreeing to become a CfUT Program Grad, I committed to teach in Milwaukee for the next two years with the promise of job connections and support of a mentor and coaching. Last February, I attended a conference where CfUT Program Grads did speed dating with nearly 30 different school administrators. At that conference, I met my future employer, Rocketship Southside Community Prep.”

Rosalie graduated in May 2018.


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